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If you are inspired by Curtis' commitment to his community, please consider offering your support by donating to Project Walk or volunteering your time. He is truly grateful for all of the support he continues to receive and is working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of young people.

The origin of this organization lies within teaching children of all ages the fundamental lessons of kindness and respect for others. 
The "Walk" in Project Walk is an acronym for "We Are Learning Kindness." Curtis imparts the importance of kindness to the students on his bus route. He uses brief lessons to foster the seeds of compassion among the young people in his charge. It is his goal to teach young people to value their peers in order to produce well-rounded members of the community. His method has been successful in creating a group dynamic that demonstrates positivity and empathy.
The word "Walk" also serves as a touchpoint for a larger metaphor. Each child is on a unique path toward adulthood and will be faced with many choices along the way. The deep-seated desire to address the issues that each child finds challenging and offer a positive, future-focused mentorship is what motivates Curtis to expand his method beyond the confines of one school bus. His objective is to strengthen communities by building strong foundations for future generations.
This organization works to ensure that children's basic needs are met without causing added financial strain to parents. We donate food, clothing and school supplies to students so that they can focus on reaching their unique goals.


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